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The SHSAT is a required test for enrollment into New York City Specialized High Schools. This three-hour test — consisting of English Language Arts and Mathematics — is meant to be challenging. After all, there are a limited number of spots at specialized high schools.

If your student has a strong interest in a specialized high school, getting an early start on the SHSAT is imperative. Stone Ridge Prep is ready to work with you and your student in this journey of high school admissions.

The Breakdown

The SHSAT tests on middle school topics ranging from grammar and poetry to arithmetic and geometry. Mastering the test requires not only a solid foundation of middle school curriculum but learning test-taking strategies and reasoning skills. Stone Ridge Prep will increase your student's potential to place into a specialized high school and will help them overcome any testing challenges along the way.

The SHSAT contains 114 questions to be taken in three hours. There are two sections*:

ELA Section — 57 questions

  • Revising/Editing (Grammar) — 9-11 multiple choice and passage based questions

  • Reading Comprehension — 46-48 multiple choice questions spread out in Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry passages

Mathematics Section — 57 questions

  • Grid-In — 5 questions that do not provide possible answer choices

  • Multiple Choice — 52 questions

  • Subjects — Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics and Geometry

*based on NYC Department of Education Official SHSAT Handbook Practice Tests. The SHSAT is a registered trademark of NYC Department of Education, which is not affiliated with this website.

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